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Topic 1. England before the Norman Conquest.
A geographical terminology. England before the Romans. The Romanization of England. Anglo-Saxon England.

Topic 2. England in the XIth – XVth centuries.
Norman England. England in the epoch of Plantagenet. The War of the Roses.

Topic 3. England in the XVIth – in the first half of the XVIIth centuries.
The stowage and the flower of the absolutism of England. The foreign policy of the Tudors and the first Stuarts. The economic development.

Topic 4. England in the second half of the XVIIth – in the late XIX century.
The English Revolution. The Restoration of the Stuarts. England under the power of the Hannovers. England – the “workshop of the world”: peculiarities of the social and economic development.

Topic 5. Great Britain in the first half of the XX century.
Great Britain in the beginning of the XX century: the “Lloydgeorgism” and the Edwardian epoch. England in the World War I. Great Britain in the Interwar period. Great Britain on the eve and during the period of the World War II.

Topic 6. Great Britain in the second half of the twentieth century.
Great Britain after the World War II. The Conservatives in power (50-s). Great Britain in 60-70-s. From the “New Conservatism” of M. Thatcher to the “New Labour” of A. Blair.

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