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3D моделирование и компьютерная графика

Цель и задачи курса:

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Состав курса
Topic 1. Introduction to 3D modeling.

The main terms of 2D and 3D modeling. CAD, CAE, CAM systems. The main 3D shaping operations: extruding, revolving, lofting and sweeping. An examples from everyday life. 

Topic 2. Getting started with SolidWorks

Introduction: system requirements, functionality. Templates and filetypes. Introducing interface. Customizing interface. The sketching environment and sketch relations. Getting started with basic sketch elements: lines, rectangles, circles and arcs. Sketching operations: trim and extend; offset, convert, mirror, move, copy, rotate, scale and stretch entities, patterns. Drawing sketches: methodology, automatic relations, manually adding relations, smart dimensions, numeric sketch input. Parametrising of sketches: fully and over defined sketches. 

Topic 3. Using a main shaping operations and basic 3D features

Building prismatic parts using extruded boss/base feature. Building a spin parts using revolved boss/base feature. Using of 3D sketches, editing and parametrising. 3D splines and sweeping wires. Building more complex geometry using swept and lofted boss/base feature. Working with chamfers, fillets, mirroring, linear and circular patterns. Building of reference geometry.

Topic 4. Creating an associative drawings

Templates and formats. Creating drawings associated with a 3D model. Adding standard views, model view, projected and auxillilary views. Building cut plots, section view, broken-out section, breaks and crop view. Placing dimensions and annotations.

Topic 5. The basics of 3D scaning and 3D printing

What is 3D scaning? Working with Cubify Sense scaner. Scaning a small objects. The operations for editing the geometry. What is 3D printing? How it works, the brief history and what can you make. Introducing filament-based printers in example of Picaso 3D Designer. Working with Polygon for Designer software: preparatory actions, slicing operations, main adjustments. 

Topic 6. Building assemblies

Understanding the assemblies. Adding parts into an assembly. Understandidng the mates in 3D entity. Working with assembly tools.

Topic 7. Visualization and rendering

Preparing an existing model. Working with materials and textures. Adjusting graphical environment. Working with cameras. Creating image outputs. Making animations.



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